Homestyle Hearty Collard Green Stew #vegan Goodness!

This is pretty flexible – and fantastic. Takes some time as collard greens deserve some serious stove-time in order to be just right… but the Instant Pot could do it in 12 minutes at high pressure. Today, though, I did this one in a dutch oven on the stove top.

Ingredients (base on what you have on hand! This is a guideline…)

Collards – 2 big bunches, chiffonaded (roll like cigar and cut into strips)
Onion or Shallots (I use freeze dried shallots – they’re amazing)
Water – lots – you’ll refill the pot a couple of times
Veg concentrate (boullion) – equal to 3 servings or so

Various veggies – today I used:
Carrots – 3 sliced into coins
Celery – 3 stalks diced
Corn – one cob – sliced into cob slices (intact!) about ½ inch thick
Beans – 2 cans Cannelloni beans WITH BEAN WATER from can

(all to taste)

Put the collards in at least 3 inches of water – preferably water is higher than the collards. Let them boil (low boil) for an hour. Or two. Add Braggs… garlic… shallots or onions… pepper… veggie bouillon…

After the collards are ready – you’ll know – then add everything else. Bring water up to “stew level” (plenty of water – but think about serving – not too much)… and bring back to a low boil or simmer. The water should be moving…

Cover and continue to stir every ten minutes or more until ALMOST ready to serve.

To make it a little more “chowder” like … or thick… add ⅓ cup of flour mix four tablespoons of corn starch in cool water… whisk thoroughly… add to stew pot… stir in nicely… and let it cook in at least another ten minutes. The heat does the trick… but you’ll want to keep it moving / stirring pretty well.

It is a super healthy… wonderfully filling… delicious stew for all of your veggie loving friends and family… and everyone else, too.

THINK ABOUT… cayenne pepper, jalapeño, red bell pepper, mushrooms, parsnips, and more… as possible additions. YOU could ALSO make this with Kale… pretty nicely.

Would love your feedback!